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Roofs are the integral and most important part of any building. They protect the inhabitants from dangerous elements like harsh weather conditions and intruders. It is extremely important to professionals for any roof service. They are capable of installing and repairing any sort of roof. Thomas O’Neal Roofing & Construction is the best roofing company in and around Auburn, GA. We have a workforce comprised of certified roofers and skilled workers. They are known to be perfectionists and can maintain and repair any existing roof with utmost perfection. If your roof is irreparable, we can install a new roof with precision.

We only use high-quality materials and have the latest tools and machines in the area. The things that make us stand out performers in the area are our commitment and devotion towards our clients. We are time-bound and complete our jobs within the specified timeframe. Our rates are the minimum in the area and we are the most efficient roofers. Alongside this, we acquired the most experienced workforce who have worked with all kinds of roofs. We also offer fair pricing to our clients before the start of work and don’t overcharge with anything. As quality and customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us, we offer quality workmanship and don’t compromise on the quality of our services. Our services are insured and fully bonded and your investment is safe with us. If you want to ask any questions or want a detailed cost estimation, call us right away!

Commercial Roofing Installation Services

Aesthetics and safety are two important factors in commercial spaces. The roofs are the essential parts of providing both of these factors. Roofs protect the workers, valuables, and the building’s infrastructure from dangerous elements. However, only professionals must install commercial roofs. They know the building codes and have the expertise to complete the installation of roofs perfectly. Thomas O’Neal Roofing & Construction is one such name in the roofing industry. We offer commercial roofing installation services all around Auburn, GA. Our roofers are competent and have extensive knowledge and expertise to install roofs made up of any material. We have experience working with all kinds of roofs so you can trust us for your installation needs. Our expertise is complimented with high quality and affordability. A minor error during installation can lead to complete damage to the roof causing a lot of fuss. This is why our roofers make sure they don’t leave any sort of installation error. We don’t leave your space until you are fully satisfied and we have not performed all sorts of testing. We also comply with local laws and always prioritize safety standards. This is why our roofers fully comply with all types of safety standards and ensure the safety of materials and people working around them. Our roofers with their attention to detail and commitment to high standards ensure the installation of roofs is flawless. This helps your roof to perform at its absolute best and stay there for the longest period. Contact us now!

Residential Roofing Installation Services

A home is a place where everyone wants to have a peaceful time. It gives a sense of safety and security when you get inside your home. Roof has one of the most important roles in keeping the lives and property intact. If your residential roof is damaged and it is regaining its original strength despite several repairs, it is time you must replace it with a new one. Thomas O’Neal Roofing & Construction is here with an exceptional record of roofing services. Our residential roofing installation services are the best in the town. We are pioneers of roof installation as our roofers are rigorously trained and have a high record of installing roofs. The rates at which we offer the roofing services are minimal in the area. Using high-end technologies, techniques, and tools we uplift your roofing experience to new heights. We understand how important it is for you to spend quality time with your family without any disruptions. This is why we complete our roofing projects in an extremely fast manner. To protect your investment and trust in us we offer fully insured services. It means your investments with us are fully protected and in case of any damage, you get full compensation. Our professionals understand how important the manufacturer’s instructions are and this is why we fully comply with them to ensure your roofing warranties remain intact. To satisfy our customers we offer customized services in and around Auburn, GA. Call us now for more details!

Emergency Roofing Services

Roofing emergencies can occur anytime. Leakages can be extremely catastrophic as water can seep into walls and infrastructure within no time. This is why there is a high need to fix these issues immediately. If you are facing one such issue on your roof, call Thomas O’Neal Roofing & Construction right away. We are known for our emergency roofing services all around Auburn, GA. Our roofers can reach your place in a minimum of time. We inspect your roof and find out the damaged leakages immediately. We apply temporary methods like applying sealants to temporarily block the water infiltration. Our expert roofers inspect the roof with ease by using the latest tools. Upon finding roof leakages we apply the proactive measures, including drying roofs and repairing leakages. We use high-standard materials that can withstand extreme weather and harsh external elements without any doubt. There are legal building codes that roofers are bound to follow, our professionals follow all these codes and standards to avoid any legalities. Whether it is your metal roof, asphalt roof, or any other type of roof we are experts in fixing all the specific issues and can repair them without any hassle. We value our customers and that is why provide documentation that can be used as evidence for insurance claims as well. Hire our phenomenal services now by calling us or visiting our website for more details!

Roof Maintenance Services

Roofs are the primary line of defense for any building. They are the silent guardians of the inhabitants. But like any other material maintenance of roofs is extremely important to keep them up to the mark and for their longevity. If you have not maintained your roof for a long time and now are looking for a maintenance service provider in Auburn, GA, don’t go beyond Thomas O’Neal Roofing & Construction. We are offering roof maintenance services in the area. Our services will protect your roof from dangerous elements like mold growth. We analyze the roof comprehensively and if there are any changes required, we perform them immediately. This helps to limit the damage to your roof and protects your structural integrity. We will check for loose materials that can cause any risk and will repair them with perfection. Our experts will find out the most vulnerable roofing areas and then fix them to withstand dangerous weather conditions as well. We will thoroughly clean your roof, remove all the debris, and will bring back its aesthetics. Our experts will ensure the ventilation and insulation associated with your roofs are maintained perfectly. This is to ensure you get the most energy-efficient solutions for maintaining your indoor temperatures. Hiring us will help you in the longer run as we will ensure to capture even the slightest of issues in your roof and will fix them. This will help in reducing costs and don’t allow those issues to further escalate. Call us right away for more services!

Local Roofing Services

Is your roof damaged and you are looking for roofing services? Instead of searching anymore contact Thomas O’Neal Roofing & Construction right now. We are the best company offering local roofing services in and around Auburn, GA. Our roofers are the most efficient and can reach any location in the town within no time. We are well aware of the legal laws and fully comply with them. Our expert roofers understand the local weather and use the right type of materials to uplift the durability of your roof. We offer emergency services and that too at the most affordable rates. We are experienced and are well connected in the area, we will find the best roofing material suppliers in the area. We value our customers and this is why offer customized services to people. Our mission is to understand your specific needs and offer the most immaculate solutions to you. We value our customers and offer our services during insurance claims as well. With us, you get the uniqueness of local trends and patterns and you get the best roofing designs from us. As we are thorough professionals, our certified workforce, timely completion of projects, fair pricing, and customized services make us your perfect choice. To help you out during emergencies we are available 24/7 and just a phone call away from you. To assure you that we are worthy of your investment and trust, we offer fully insured services to you. Hire our premium services now!